Bertschi Singapore is now solar! Care 2019 //July 12, 2019

Bertschi Singapore has turned to renewable energy for its power generation. Located in the World’s Top 10 chemical hub Jurong Island Chemical Cluster (JICC), it is now powered with Solar Energy. Its two warehouses and all battery automated VNA and Forklifts are now supported by its generation.

Bertschi Singapore’s effort to reduce carbon footprints was initiated by our Director, Mr. Lieven Vander Elstraeten. He said “We pursue the green initiatives for the betterment of our environment likewise economically up front to the trends in energy”. A project orchestrated with strong dedication in its adherence to the communities’ sustainability towards the challenge of climate change. This project have an investment of S$4 million with the partnership of SembCorp Industries.

SembCorp Industries has completed the solar panel installation last April. A total area of 300,000 square feet has been installed in its two warehouses.

Solar Power generates clean and inexpensive source of electricity with its energy reliability to grid resiliency. Solar Energy will help to decrease about 573,400kg of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions a year. An impact of taking almost 125 vehicles off the road making it the cleanest ways of electricity consumption. In progression Bertschi is engaging in understanding opportunities and strategies to reduce energy requirements and decrease CO2 emissions.